About the Mayhem

Just Who Do We Think We Are?


Eclectic Mayhem Productions is an emerging creative production company in the DC metro area. Live theater is our first love, but what gets us out of bed around noon is the joy we get from instigating creative social experiences that are as much fun for audiences and participants as they are for those of us making them happen. We love doing re-imagined classics, variety shows (think burlesque, sideshow, or neo-vaudeville), and multimedia experiments that blur the line between audience and artist.

We’re nerds and weirdos, proud freaks gathering a tribe of creative novelty-seekers, because the only thing better than spending your life doing what you love is doing it among inspiring friends.

Want to come make mayhem with us?

Who’s “We”? Is It a Royal “We”?


Right now, the “we” behind Eclectic Mayhem is Rebecca Rose Vassy and Sean Butler, with assists from some of our favorite co-conspirators.

Rebecca and Sean are longtime partners who’ve been best friends and collaborators since Rebecca was still a snotty punk teenager. Each of us has almost three decades of theater under our belts (but we’re also happy to see you), including the performance side, the production side, and the business side. We are also both visual artists with film/videography experience, and we’ve produced events ranging from roleplaying games to catered feasts.

Sean is most passionate about directing, and has directed a number of shows locally and regionally. Rebecca co-produces and -hosts the popular storytelling event Smut Slam DC with her other producing partner Mindi Mimosa, and performs in the DC burlesque/variety scene as Diva Darling.

And we both own Burger King crowns, so yes, it IS a royal We.

Our Story, To Which We Shall Stick


Although we’ve been working together for more than two decades and have produced or co-created several shows, two short films, and seemingly countless events together, it took us until about four years ago to decide to stop just talking about forming a production company, and to actually start doing it.

Like everyone else who forms a company, we wanted to be able to do the kinds of projects we love best and to do them our way. But the more we talked about what it was that would define us as a company, about the common denominator in all the varied kinds of creative work we want to do, the more we found ourselves digging into the question of WHY people go out to see shows in the first place.

Ultimately, our mission is simple. We want you to have a great evening out. Look, we all work hard, we’re all too busy, and life gets pretty stressful. When you come to an Eclectic Mayhem show or event, we want it to be a treat. Say hi to friends, make yourself at home. Laugh, cry, get creatively juiced up. Stay out too late afterwards talking over coffee about life and art and crazy ideas. Catch a break from the grind and let yourself remember that the world is full of beauty and oddness.

At the same time, we want our co-creators to get just as jazzed. We work hard and expect everyone we work with to give their best, but respect is our touchstone. We believe you can be both highly artistic and highly functional. We don’t yell at our actors and we expect everyone to keep the drama in the play. Every time we work with a new team, we are deeply mindful of the gift of time and talent and skill that each of our collaborators offers us, and we try to make sure everyone knows they’re valued.

In the words of the Morgan Tarot, “It may not be a perfect circle, but it’s a perfect whatever-it-is.” Eclectic Mayhem Productions is our experiment in creating a perfect whatever-it-is.