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2017 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Tiresias’ Tits’

by Erin Teachman, 7/9/17, 4 out of 5 Stars


“Following Apollinaire’s original meta practice, Rose Vassy infuses many more delightful touches of self-reference and reflection to the proceedings, shooting off beams of light and reflecting and refracting them back into our eyes again and again, a hyper local echo chamber of hilarity, nudity, protest, and social justice…Tiresias’ Tits is a burlesque that delivers titillation and laughs in spades but it is also not short on inspiration…it is nearly impossible, especially if there is a shred of progressive political instinct in the audience, not to enjoy Tiresias’ Tits.”

Exclusive Portraits: The Queer Faces of Fringe

by Julian Vankim, 7/6/17 in Metro Weekly


Tiresias’ Tits was one of nine Capital Fringe 2017 productions chosen to be featured in Metro Weekly‘s portrait gallery and feature article about queer artists in Fringe.

“‘As a woman of size, I am automatically excluded from a tremendous amount of traditional theater,’ says Rebecca Rose Vassy, who goes by the stage name Diva Darling and is the star of the burlesque entry Tiresias’ Tits. ‘Doing shows here, I can define my art and…present myself in the way that I want to be seen and the kind of work that I want to be known for. To be able to do that across race, across gender, or across orientation, size, age, all these restrictions that you would have in anything outside of Fringe. It’s a very open atmosphere and…it’s great to have a place where all of that can be represented.’”